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FAF | Köln | 1509 m²


For the Paint, Finishing & Facade (FAF) trade fair, which took place in Cologne from 20 to 23 March 2019, the Münster-based experts for live communication Schendel & Pawlaczyk created an extraordinary trade fair concept for Brillux. Multifaceted and attention-grabbing, they implemented the "Your future is colourful" young talent initiative launched by Brillux in 2015 and the offers of the Brillux Academy in a trade fair stand in which the paint and varnish manufacturer completely dispensed with products and supported craftsmen in partnership in the future topics of recruiting young talent and further training.

The shortage of skilled workers is one of the most important issues for the future of the painting, varnishing and plastering trade. As one of the leading companies in the industry, Brillux, a supplier of perfectly coordinated products and innovative systems for all tasks in the painting, varnishing and plastering trades, is aware of its responsibility and launched the "Your future is colourful" initiative back in 2015. Now the company has once again significantly expanded the package of measures for craft businesses with regard to the topics of promoting young talent and further training and presented them at the FAF at a trade fair stand designed by Schendel & Pawlaczyk. Peter König, Managing Partner of Brillux, comments: "Due to developments in society as a whole, craft businesses can no longer manage the recruitment of young people on their own. For us, commitment in this area is an investment in our common future."

The basis for the concept was a workshop conducted by Schendel & Pawlaczyk. The resulting concept is based on the catchword "multi-faceted" and fully exploits its various meanings. On the one hand, the polygonal shapes stand for the many facets of the painter's craft. At the same time, they symbolise the facets of a brilliant-cut diamond, whose refraction of light creates an enormous spectrum of colours that Brillux represents.

The approximately 1,500 m² exhibition stand is divided into six areas, which ensure that visitors can quickly find the information that is relevant to them. The "Your future is colourful" area showed visitors to the trade fair how schoolchildren and undecided people who want to find out about the professions of painter, varnisher and plasterer can be addressed. A visual highlight was the show truck, which is already in use throughout Germany, Austria and Switzerland outside the trade fair and was now integrated into the stand in an eye-catching way. The "Trainee Academy" next to it is aimed at current and future trainees, and the focus is on support during training. In the auditorium, visitors could listen to specialist lectures on current industry topics and in the "Brilliant" there was information on the current seminar programme of the Brillux Academy on two opposite stages. The communication area offered plenty of space for intensive personal exchange. The information offered the visitors orientation with the generous stand space. The frame for the stand is formed by two-dimensional edgings, which create a deceptively real-looking three-dimensional impression thanks to the facets that are precisely matched in colour.

Brillux already received a lot of positive feedback on the various social media channels during the trade fair and afterwards. Especially the fact that the company is committed to these future topics not with products, but as a partner of the skilled trades, met with a lot of approval. Frank Dusny, Head of Strategic Marketing at Brillux, says: "Recruiting young talent and the future of the industry, which depends on it, is very close to our hearts. The way Schendel & Pawlaczyk implemented the topic on the trade fair stand generated a lot of attention and thus contributed to the success of the trade fair appearance."